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Talks & Presentations for Real Estate Companies and Groups

Is your firm in need of realtor education regarding the home inspection process.

Please contact my office to schedule a talk and power point presentation of what the home inspection process is and how it can benefit your agents and their clients. 

Various topics will be covered such as:

  1. Why Inspect?
  2. What's the Scope of the Inspection
  3. What are the Standards of Practice
  4. Limitaions
  5. Different Reporting Formats
  6. Report Turn-Around Time
  7. Should the Client be at the Inspection
  8. The Difference Between What an Inspector Does & What a Contractor or Repair Person Does
  9. Objectivity
  10. Following up with the Inspector Post Inspection
  11. How to Hire an Inspector
  12. Are Inspectors in Hawaii Licensed/Regulated?
There is often a lack of knowledge of what exactly the home inspectors function is and what the inspector should be reporting. It is important for all agents to know how to accurately relay information about the inspection process to their clients. 

I prioritize education to real estate agents in order to assist them in most efficiently and accurately relaying important information about the home inspection process to all their clients. 

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