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Providing High Quality, Comprehensive Inspections for over 2 decades

We provide full-service home inspections all over the island of O’ahu. We are highly skilled at what we do, take our time to get your inspection right, and have the reputation to show for it – after successfully completing thousands of inspections. We are the leader in home inspections here – so contact us today for your next home inspection!


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FREE Digital Home Binder is sent to client with the inspection ($360 value)


We conduct inspections on single-family homes of all types, sizes and ages. Getting a thorough home inspection will give you peace of mind in knowing that you have all the information possible to help you make a wise decision on whether the property is right for you. A proper home inspections will inform you about the property in much greater detail, since the number of items found during a home inspection that you should be informed about is often exponentially greater in number than most property disclosure statements will ever list.

As a buyer, you sleep well at night by knowing that their pocket book will not be drained by:

  • Unexpected repairs to make the home habitable

  • Substandard workmanship

  • Poor quality materials

  • Paying too much for the home

  • Depending on the honesty of someone you don’t know


We perform inspections for sellers who wish to know the condition of their property before they market it. With our detailed inspection report, sellers can determine what they need to correct before marketing the property. This will help them obtain the best possible sales price for their home, and help prevent any unexpected costs that the buyer’s inspector may find once the house is on the market. A nicely bound report is offered free of charge to sellers if it will be displayed at open houses and showings.

As a seller, you can confidently market the property knowing:

  • you have disclosed all conditions of the property

  • you have fixed necessary items in advance of marketing your home

  • you have obtained the best possible price

  • you will have less risk of nearly closed transactions getting canceled


Having a periodically scheduled property inspection will help a homeowner to know the condition of their property. With this knowledge they can plan and budget for repairs before they become significant costly issues. It can also ensure there are no safety issues putting the occupants at risk. An existing home owner inspection costs less than half of a buyer or seller inspection and includes a condensed version of the typical report. This report assists greatly with management and maintenance of home or real estate investments.


New construction acceptance inspections are best done just after all construction work is completed, before the buyer of the home moves in. There are often deficiencies found in new construction that need correcting before a buyer occupies the property. It is not uncommon to find some items that are not installed correctly, need tweaking or adjustment, unfinished or incomplete, and/or overlooked. We look hard for any items which you need to know about so that your builder can correct them before final acceptance of the property.


Mililani Home Inspections


We provide not only the best home inspections, but also industry-leading inspection reports. Our home inspection reports are easy to understand, while still completely comprehensive. We include many pictures for easy reference during repairs and negotiations.

We deliver our reports electronically in PDF format, for your convenience. This way, you can easily distribute or print it. We truly work hard to take care of our clients – from start to finish.

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